Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Just checking in part 55

Jane Galt has an interesting post about some parts of the State of the Union that struck her.

"there were the Democrats, clapping joyously at the news that they'd voted down Social Security reform. They looked like adolescents mocking authority. Memo to Dems: if the American voter wanted sullen, rebellious adolescents in Congress, they would have sent their own, if for no other reason than to get them out of the basement. George Bush let them applaud their intransigence for a while, then said, "Now we still have a giant entitlement problem." This made the Dems look foolish enough. But, in keeping with the role of teen rebel who is not paying close attention to teacher, they kept applauding. Brilliant! Why didn't those Machiavellian Republicans think of positioning themselves as the party that's glad we have a gigantic, intractable entitlement problem? About halfway through the moment, some of the brighter senators seemed to realise that they were applauding something that they oughtn't to be. But by then, they apparently figured it was too late to back down, and the best course of action was to bull through as if they'd intended all along to celebrate multi-trillion dollar budget shortfalls."

For those of you who think Jane Galt is a Republican foot soldier, I will point to the other moment she thought was so entertaining.

"Then there was George Bush, with perhaps my favourite all time line in a SOTU: "These tax cuts are about to expire. I call upon you to do the responsible thing and make the tax cuts permament." (Paraphrase; emphasis mine)
What fantastic definition of the word "responsible" allows for this locution?
"Do the responsible thing, and teach your children how to smoke crack . . . ""Do the responsible thing, and call in sick to work today so you can go fly fishing . . . ""Do the responsible thing, and dump your aged parents in a substandard nursing home to far away for you to visit . . . ""Do the responsible thing, and take $50 out of the till . . . ""Do the responsible thing, and declare bankruptcy . . . "

So anyway...anyone not reading Jane Galt should start. Other than that I don't have much to say today except for a brief recommendation for movies.

Last weekend I watched "Nothing." It is on DVD now and is from the director of "Cube." It is about two guys who discover they have the ability to wish things that they really hate away. You can see immediately where it is going, but it is nonetheless a very nice comedic piece. I don't think it is the "think piece" that some of the commenters on IMDB are making it out to be, but I do think it is very well done. So go check it out.

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