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Via Newmark's Door I was directed to this post at Tightly Wound. ...this conversation is hilarious. I think I will be checking in on this blog fairly regularly if this post is any indication of content.

"And since he is four and has my tendency toward hyperbolic overstatement, we have emotionally fraught rides home like this:

Boy: I wanted to see the doggie!
Me: You'll see him tomorrow.
Boy: Nooooo! I wanted to play with him today!
Me: I weep for your loss. (Sarcasm, the last refuge of the tired and edgy)
Pause. Boy doesn't get it, so he changes tactics.
Boy: I want to go to outer space!
Me: Well, when you grow up and get your college degree in science or engineering, maybe you can.
Boy: Nooooo! I want to go now!
Me: You can't go now.
Boy: Why?
Me: Because they don't make space suits in your size. Only grownup sizes.
Another pause, followed by a deep wailing cry:
Boy: First I can't play with the doggie, and now I can't blast off into outer space! THIS IS THE MOST DISAPPOINTING DAY EVER!
Preach it, brother.

Via geekpress...not all placebos are equal. Story here.

I'd also like to point out that the one game show that I'm currently watching and having a hard time not watching despite all its flaws is Beauty and the Geek. I don't know why I watch this show. I mean the women lie through their teeth and the guys...well the guys are pretty cool by my standards so the fact that they are considered geeks is a bit troublesome. (From this season my two favorites are already being ripped to of them wearing a shirt saying "I put the stud in study" and the other writing in red paint that looks like blood on the wall of a room in an interior design competition.) Also, the girls as a general rule aren't really that attractive. So far each season (a total of two) there was only one girl that I really found myself interested in. First season was this girl. 2nd season is this girl.

I also have to wonder how many times they hit the contestants over the head and told them..."It is not a gameshow...refer to it as a "social experiment." A social experiment? It is a show that appeals to the lowest common denominator. It's main source of appeal is that everyone watching can find someone that they feel superior too. And watching I get more and more bitter. Exchanges like the one where one of the girls tells the guy who asks what she would do if one of them came up to her and asked her out responds by saying something like, if you approach with confidence then you could get somewhere. It is a lie. Take it from a guy who has approached many many women with quite a bit of confidence and well situated in the knowledge that I'm the best looking guy in the room. It doesn't matter how you approach the woman if you aren't insanely successful, i.e. wealthy, or over 6 feet tall with a moderately decent build.

Anyway...that's all I wanted to say today...catch ya all later.

You "don't know why" you watch the show? Next time you're over watching the show, I'll have to get a canoe and paddle to stay afloat of your drool. You and your blondes, sheesh.
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