Monday, January 23, 2006



Well, I haven't posted in awhile because I'm insanely stressed out about things I don't really want to go into, but I feel bad because I was finally becoming feasibly personable and now I find myself jumping down the throats of anyone who gets in my way. I also find myself heading back into a depths of depression that I thought were well behind me. It is not good and the worst part is that the uncertain nature of my circumstances is making matters even worse and with no end in sight I find myself unable to get the energy up to do much of anything. Thank god for Erin who keeps me running errands and makes sure that I am fed.

Anyway, I was in Ohio all last week in a hotel and tonight I am in a hotel in Michigan and while I have commented on this before to Jay, I don't believe it ever made my blog so I thought I'd throw this out there. The first reaction of any man who is in a hotel room alone is to check out the porn situation. It doesn't really matter if he has no intention at all of watching the porn, but he must check to see that it is there in case of an emergency or something. Yes...there are such things as porn emergencies. Some women I have spoken to don't understand this, but I'm sure that any men reading will understand exactly what I mean.

So anyway, everytime I'm in a hotel room the first thing I do is check out the porn situation. After several years of this, one day it occurred to me that I had never seen gay porn available in the on demand sections of the porn listings at the hotels. This struck me as particularly odd since I primarily stayed in large chains and it seemed like there was a huge market that wasn't being exploited and being a capitalist the thought of leaving any of the masses unexploited just leaves me feeling unsettled and a bit melancholy. Then I started thinking about the hotel chains that have specific locations that don't offer porn and how odd that was. I remember my anger at visiting a Hilton in Ohio that had no porn at all and thought that at the very least they should carry A Night in Paris. (Okay, some people I commented on that to thought it was in bad taste, but hey I'm not known for my judgment).

Well, as I have traveled more I have realized that it really is location specific. As I have traveled more I have discovered locations of virtually all the chains that offer straight porn, bi porn, lesbian porn, and gay porn. Of course that is irrelevant to me, because I would never actually watch such materials, but I thought I would let my friends in California know that I have discovered such locations and it has modified one of the questions to be asked in one of my research topics I was considering for graduate school on the economics of pornographic material. The question is no longer why not (which in many ways is an easier research proposition) but rather why not more? Please, no hints...I'd hate to give credit in a research paper to an anonymously commenter from a blog. That would be embarrassing.

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