Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Dead and Breakfast

Over the weekend I convinced Erin to watch Dead and Breakfast with me. She was not optimistic about it, but as usual I was right. It was very cool. Technically, not a zombie flick since they aren't supposed to be zombies, but still modeled after your usual zombie flicks it was in my estimation worth rewatching over and over again. I'm looking forward to watching the commentary tracks and would love to get the soundtrack (as a segway device scenes are broken up by a singing narrator playing songs commenting on the situations in the movie). I could listen to "I'm comin' to kill ya" over and over again. Also, don't stop listening to the soundtrack once the credits hit as you will be treated to a complete recap musically including some additional commentary in case you missed any of the plot points. 3 of the songs are on the website here.

During the movie we missed a line about no cell phone service that I caught the second time through. We commented on it at the time and it got me to wondering if communications technology is going to put an end to the isolationist form of horror movie. Once everyone has a cell phone (at this point if you are under 35 you do and how many horror movies are about people older than 35?) and coverage becomes complete, how will viewers be able to cope with the question of "why don't they just call someone?" Of course, there will always be the "supernatural" explanations that can be introduced to get writers out of this jam, but after awhile that just feels cheap and hackneyed. This seems like a serious problem for the horror genre which thrives on the idea that you might be safe if only you can find or make it to help or even just survive until help arrives . I forsee that horror movies will become even darker as we struggle with finding more ways to keep the characters from saving themselves. In some plots, there is no saving yourself and that is surely the most depressing solution to the problem. Just destroy the whole of the planet so that you are completely on your own, but then the horror movie will find no place to stop. I don't neccessarily have any solutions, or at least none that I want to throw out without seeing if I can turn them into a screenplay first, but I thought I would provide a brief comment on it.

Oh, and if you are interested in the idea of just getting rid of everyone else, I might recomment a comedy called "The Last Man" about a man who turns out to be one of only two men left on the planet and of course there is only one woman left. Hilarity and depression ensue.

Dear god, why is everything always so depressing.

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