Monday, November 07, 2005



So my girlfriend has been prodding me to update my blog. It leads me to wonder if she actually listens to me when we talk and if the reason she is asking me to update it is so that she can catch up on what she didn't listen to while I was talking. Okay, maybe I'm being paranoid.

In any case, in deference to her I am looking for a new tagline for my blog. "Women are alot like buses, sooner or later you start to think you'd rather have a car" is still a brilliant line, but I'm seeking something else so keep your eyes open for a monumental change to my header. Not sure when it will come, but mark my words...It Will Come.

For Halloween weekend Erin and I went to a William Castle triple feature which was tons of fun. This past weekend we went to Planet Ant to see a Horror/Comedy (more emphasis on the horror than the comedy) called "The Weekend." It was great. We are actually thinking about going back to see it again since it is an original production and we may never get to see it again if we don't. I'm thinking about emailing them to suggest that they videotape their performances and see if there is a market to sell the tapes. I'm sure it wouldn't be as good on tape, but it is a shame to think I won't be able to view this play in 20 years in all its comic beauty.

Okay, so now it is time for some links. The amount of thought that has to go into this project to label waste isolation plants is pretty interesting.

Here we have the The Church and the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I think Glen over at Agorophilia (who is also responsible for directing us to the link above) has made a pretty good point regarding the Target policy on pharmacists selling contraceptives.

I'm sorry I missed the Live West Wing Debate. I assumed the worst, and it appears I may have been wrong. Marie...don't suppose you taped it?

Okay, I have to get going, but I hope everyone is doing well and I hope my English major girlfriend doesn't expect me to be eloquent or witty or even grammatically correct because that is just not what I'm all about. I'm with Jason...the ends of sentences are what prepositions are for. I'm part of the anthropological linguistics school of grammer and anyone interested in arguing with Language mavens should check out Steven Pinker's work on the subject. Of course, if you are arguing with your girlfriend I suppose you should just assume that you are going to lose the argument. Still, if she's not around I'll throw down with the rest of you elitist bastards. (Just kidding sweetness)

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