Friday, November 18, 2005


Friday? Really?

It feels like a Saturday from "back in the day" when I used to work on Saturdays. Almost everyone is gone. I'm listening to my radio without a headset while typing up reports. My desk is a mess. But's Friday. Huh. I wonder what that is all about. Anyway, here are some links for ya all.

For those of you who don't live in Detroit, here is an economist article on how Kwame made race an issue to win the mayor's race.

Here is an economist article on Delaware Pumpkin hurling.

Scores is being "probed" about overcharging lap dance customers. Thank god I never found one of those in my partying days because a $241,000 tab would definitely not have helped me in getting out of debt.

Via geekpress the real story of the 1984 commercial.

We should go out and rent Night of the Lemurs to celebrate the naming of a Lemur species being named after John Cleese. See here.

There ya all go. Now get back to work no matter what day it is.

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