Thursday, October 06, 2005


Stolen Post

Since my readership is around 20 or 30 and Cafe Hayek's readership has got to be at least twice that (I kid because I love) I hope they won't mind me not merely linking back to this post, but also including it in it's entirety since so many of my friends have an aversion to actually clicking links to read what I am referencing. The post is short otherwise I'd try to steal only a small portion and make you all go back and read the rest, but unfortuneatly they are much to succint for me to cut much of anything. I will encourage everyone to check the blog out on a regular basis however for a good read that will make many of my classically liberal friends happy and my modern liberal friends outraged. Anyway, here is the post:

"I learned today, listening to this NPR interview of David Rakoff, that the U.S. Department of Justice asks people seeking to become citizens of the United States "What is the most important right granted to United States citizens?" (See also here.) The answer is "The right to vote."

Not the right to be free from arbitrary arrest and to the writ of habeas corpus; not the right to acquire, use, transfer, and be secure in the possession of property; not freedom of speech; not the right to a trial by jury – no. The right to vote. The right to yank a lever in a booth on intermittent occasions, along with thousands or millions of other people, the collective outcome of which is the election of a handful of power-mad, glib dissemblers who specialize in picking each of our pockets, transferring the booty to special-interest groups, and persuading us that we are strengthened, enriched, and raised to glory by it all.

Some right."

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