Friday, September 16, 2005


Rock Novels

Via King Dork himself, this guide to rock novels has put quite a few books onto my reading list as I make every attempt to get back into the fiction world. (Erin and I are trying to get a two person book club started so that we can discuss the same books for a change instead of constantly mentioning books the other one has never read.)

This one is just below King Dork when it comes out in April. Does anyone know if Dr. Frank ever intends to visit Detroit again?

The Anomalies, Joey Goebel (2003). Goebel was the lead singer for the punk band The Mullets, and his first novel follows a band of five Kentucky misfits who play "power pop new wave heavy metal punk rock music." Characters include a wheelchair-bound Satanist and an 80-year-old nymphomaniac, and if that doesn't make for a good band, then just shoot me now. The Baltimore City Paper called the book "enjoyable" and "often funny." Goebel's latest novel, Torture the Artist, earned the young author comparisons to Chuck Palahniuk.

I'll also point back to the Sexiest Female Guitarist list and state that I don't agree with hardly anything on this list, but there is one entry that is brilliant.

7. Ruyter Suys

Band: Nashville Pussy

I’ve never heard a Nashville Pussy song in my life and frankly, I really don’t ever want to either. But I will tell you one thing, Ruyter Suys is one of the hottest and filthiest female guitarists ever. She fulfills my woman jailbreak fantasy.

Weapon of Choice: The Gibson SG

Career Highpoint: The point of every live Nashville Pussy gig when lead singer Blaine Cartwright pulls Ruyter’s head back – while she’s on her knees mind you – and forces a bottle of beer down her throat as she proceeds to guzzle its entire barley-based contents.

Fun Fact: She claims that the reason why she plays guitar is because of Courtney Love – not because Love’s her idol, but for the opposite reason. "Courtney gives women a bad name in rock ‘n roll and uses her guitar as a necklace not as an instrument." She follows that statement up with this: "Being a woman in a band can be hard sometimes because people will never look at me for my musicianship, they'll always look at the boobs." Did I mention she only plays gigs in lace bras and leather pants and the leather pants usually come off mid-set? Contradictions are incredibly sexy.

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