Monday, September 12, 2005



So I went to the Rocky Horror Stage Show, not the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this weekend. It was fun and Erin is now excited about the prospect of going to see RHPS down in Bowling Green, OH with me (they have a monthly showing). It was a good time. I only managed to really screw up once and it didn't cause too much of a problem so I suppose it went pretty well. Erin also engaged in acts of not so subtle manipulation toward her wicked ends of getting me to buy a rabbit for a pet. As we had dinner she commented that the pet store across the street that she ordered her pet food from hadn't called her yet about it. I was just trying to be helpful and suggested we go check on the order to confirm when it might be in since we were in the area. Then, somehow, we ended up by the rabbits and one of them collaborated with her to make me feel guilty about the tiny enclosure he was being kept in. He sneezed repeatedly and rubbed his rabbit nose and stood on his hind legs as he stared at me. As I tried to look at other rabbits Erin kept pointing out that he would not take his eyes off of me. Then she kept insisting that I wanted to hold a rabbit, just to see how it would feel. Finally I caved in and held the rabbit in my arms. He proceeded to lick my face. He or she (it didn't like it when we tried to check) was terribly affectionate and active and, at the risk of sounding like I have some semblance of a heart, adorable. When I put it back down it looked at me like it couldn't believe I would abandon it. It was a difficult walk away. Then on the ride home Erin kept saying things like, "well, if you were going to get it, what would you name it?" and "just think, about now the rabbit is going to sleep all alone in his small cage with no company and nowhere to play." The next day she bought me some books on rabbits. I keep pointing out that if I took a rabbit or a walk with me in the park I'd probably have lots of hot 19 year old girls fawning all over me because of how adorable it would be, but she remained undetterred. Anyway, it looks like I'm going to have to start reading up on rabbits, because sooner or later I will be getting one. That much is clear.

Oh, and if the rabbit is a girl I've decided to name it Trillian, from the Hitchhiker's "Trilogy."

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