Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Sorry for the Sporadic Posting

Hey all,

I apologize for the sporadic posting, but don't expect it to pick up again for awhile. I went down to Austin and had an interesting time. As Jason is so fond of pointing out, I lead a very random life. I got lots of phone numbers, as seems to be the case whenever I'm in a location where I can't conceivably have a relationship with a woman. I had a female bartender at a rather notorious bar ask for my phone number, and despite my intoxicated state I have to say she was smoking hot...and she spoke Spanish. Sorry, personal turn on (probably because I don't understand Spanish). I got the phone number of the girl working the front desk, literally when I called down to get a wakeup call for the next day. I mean I was on fire. That being said, I indulged in this reckless abandon mainly because of a fight between my new lady friend and myself the first night I arrived in Austin. I made the mistake of answering my cell phone while rather intoxicated (when will I ever learn?). In any case, once I got back, she and I reconciled and have been having a good ole time ever since. I can't divulge any specifics of our relationship since she is a very private person (which makes the irony of her liking me all the more ironic) and if she were to see me putting all the details out there on the internet she would likely punch me...and not in the fun kinky kind of way (she took kickboxing and has a stun gun so I'm not being a "wussy" about this). Anyway, for the time being things are going well and I have put my drinking on hold. Drinking is what I do to meet women and since I've met one, really I can't justify it and would have to admit I'm an alcoholic if I continued. (okay, it is pretty hard to avoid going to see my goddess waitress at the bar, but she never really liked me anyway so I figure it will save me a pretty penny not tipping her 50% or more of my tab everytime I go out.) Anyway, not much new to report. I'm in my first real relationship ever and it is going well so far. Plus, we are going to get to see MeatLoaf live this next month. Can you imagine anything more romantic than seeing MeatLoaf with a girl? Apparently alot of women can, but luckily this one doesn't seem to be one of them.

Talk to you soon (hopefully),


So uh, I don't believe that you are going to stop drinking. But are you going to go out and invest in a bed?
Actually, the girl's mother decided to give me a pretty nice rollaway bed, so as soon as I can transport it over I'm all set. At some point I may even get a regular bed, but let's not dream too big too fast.
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