Tuesday, July 05, 2005


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I haven't posted since I went to D.C. which as one astute reader realized meant I did find a hotspot...I found several as a matter of fact. It was a pretty good trip actually. I did well in my training conference and at night I got to experience the nightlife of Georgetown. That being said, I way overspent while in D.C. I couldn't stop going out and when I go out I drink heavy and buy lots of people drinks which is a bad combination because the next day you find yourself calling to check on all your credit cards and make sure you still have some credit available. In any case, the first night I went out around 11 at night and the area was dead which made little sense considering its a college town so I asked about it and was told that D.C. is a happy hour kind of town and people start drinking around 6 and go home around 10 because they have to get up so early. Well, this lead to one of the poorer decisions of my drinking life which was to show up and start drinking at 6...the problem with this was that by the time 10 o'clock rolled around I had drank what I normally drink by closing time, but I still had 4 hours till closing time and found myself unable to leave. So as a result I don't really know what happened after 10 o'clock that night. I do know I met many many people because I have their business cards. I met some fairly influential people apparently, I just don't really remember it. In an odd asside, the following day I got a call from someone with a gender ambiguous name to my mind because I had never heard it before (though others think I'm insane for not realizing it was a guy's name) who told me they had met me the previous day and that they couldn't get my face out of their mind and how I was the hottest guy at the bar. I asked what "she" looked like and was told 5'10 and blonde to which I replied "you sound hot." Apparently this person lived in Michigan as do I so we arranged to go hang out when I got back to Michigan. When I called back to talk to this person some more I got the voicemail and the voice recording was so obviously a guy. Now I left a message and was perfectly willing to hang out with this person, though not particularly interested in it being a date, but he never called me back. I have no idea how to feel about that. On the one hand it felt really good to be told how hot I was, but it makes the rejection of not getting a call back seem strangely worse despite the fact that I wasn't looking for a date with a guy.

While in D.C. I also visited some friends in Virginia and had a great time and got quite a few numbers, though they are practically useless since I don't go to VA very often ... let's say once ever. Still, it boosted my ego to know that there are parts of the country where women actually find me attractive. I really have to consider moving there.

Now for the tell tale sign that I spend too much time at my local bar. While in D.C. I got a call from my local bar asking about me and making sure I was alright. A little disturbing to be sure, but rather sweet and funny. The bouncer who called me knew I was in D.C. but apparently the owner was drunk and had been asking about me. She would not get on the phone with me.

Fastforward to this past Friday. I'm back in Michigan and I go out with a girl I thought was my friend. We go to my bar and are going heavy. At the end of the night she is hooking up with two other girls and some guys. We end up going to a house party where we know absolutely noone and she is in the bathroom and then the bedroom making out with these girls and possibly some guys (it was not entirely clear). Now I'm pretty drunk but not so drunk that I don't remember what happened with some clarity. I was about ready to fall asleep and told the guys there that if anything happened to her I would hold them responsible and I threatened them telling them how I love this girl and would do anything to make sure she doesn't get hurt. The guy whose house it was told me I had to get out after that, which I was fine with but told him I wouldn't leave without talking to the girl I came with first. I mean to me this is obvious. I'm not going to leave a girl in a house full of strangers who are drunk. He won't let me go back and talk to her and ends up pushing me down the stairs, dragging me across the lawn, and kicking me. The girl ends up seeing what happens and ends up going back to that house with the girls and guys.

The next day I got into a fight with the girl. She keeps missing the point entirely. She tells me that the fight was my fault (does it even matter that I didn't throw a single punch?) and that she thinks I'm blaming her for the fight. As I keep trying to explain to her, I don't care if I did start the fight, if she really was my friend she would have left the party with me when I got kicked out. As I tried to explain, if she got into a fight with one of the girls and got kicked out, regardless if she was at fault, how would she feel if I left her and went back into the house to make out with the girl and her friends who just kicked her ass. She just didn't seem to get it. Then later she had the nerve to call me back and ask for the girl's phone number. Because I didn't want to be a jerk I gave it to her, but then I called back and left a message on her voicemail telling her how little respect she was showing me and asking her to delete my number from her cell and never call me again. The next day she calls me though...I have already deleted her number from my cell so I don't know who is calling when the number pops up and I pick it up. This started a brief exchange where she once again claimed I was blaming her for the fight and I told her that wasn't it but I didn't want to fight over it anymore and hung up on her. I really liked this girl and really wanted to be friends with her. I would have liked to have dated her, though she had no interest in me. I suppose its good I found out how little she cared about me though.

The day after the kicking incident I found out the guys who did it were cops, so woohoo for me. One of the bouncers told me they pulled that kind of stuff all the time and if he'd have known I was leaving with them he would have stopped me. Also, one of them was friends with the owner so I talked to a waitress who told me after how drunk I've been in the bar in the past and how nice a guy I am in that state she didn't think anyone there would find it believable that I would start a fight so I shouldn't worry. I thought that was pretty sweet I have to say and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...or maybe that was the shots...anyway Saturday became my day of depression and I drank from noon to 2 a.m. My favorite waitress, the most beautiful woman in the state of Michigan started regulating how much I could drink around 10 p.m, hence I didn't black out or anything. I really do adore her and proposed marriage several times over the course of the night.

Anyway, I have some other news to report, but I have some things I have to do so maybe later. Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend and I look forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs too.


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