Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Bruce Campbell in Royal Oak

Well I haven't posted recently, and sadly this won't be an extensive post, but I am excited. Friday should prove to be one of the more eventful days of my life so far. Bruce Campbell, yes THE BRUCE (Don't Call me Ash) CAMPBELL is going to be in Royal Oak, MI for a book signing and screening of his movie Man with the Screaming Brain and not only will I be there, not only will I meet Bruce Campbell in person, but I will be doing it with a girl who refuses to call it a date, but nonetheless tells me that I look like Bruce Campbell who she happens to adore. I am very excited in deed.

Incidentally, my favorite Bruce Campbell related quote that wasn't a line delivered by him you ask? From The Dead Hate the Living: (Characters stuck in a dead end as zombies approach. One of the characters is freaking out and the other tells him to calm down and says) "Just ask yourself, what would Bruce Campbell do?" I want that on a bumper sticker.

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