Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Hello, my name is Josh and I'm an Alcoholic, but a really fun one.

Okay, so despite my last post, I went out drinking for the holiday weekend. I discovered that yes, I did throw up in the pizza joint and much to my suprise, they were really okay with that. They told me on Saturday that I'm the coolest and nicest drunk and that I'm free to throw up there anytime. So that's good news. Also I was not there with any hot girls, however yes, bouncers did drive me home. The pizza girls did not seem to have an explanation why, but the bouncers were apparently really nice to me and cleaned me up and everything. Little tip, if you aren't a drunk asshole, bouncers are really cool guys.

I was out drinking on Saturday and the boyfriend of a girl I hang out with sometimes threatened was pretty hilarious. I was so drunk he could have pummeled me for an hour and I wouldn't have felt a thing. Sure I might not be able to walk in the morning, but for the time being I wouldn't feel a thing. I just told him he could take me out back and beat me, but then I tried to hug him and offered to buy him a drink. I played cutthroat with a few guys I met there. I was also vaguely depressed because on Friday a girl had come up to me and told me I looked nice and sweet and ran her fingers through my hair telling me I had the best hair ever. Then she said she left her drink at the bar and she'd be right back never to return. I saw her on my way back from the bathroom and she totally dissed me but also this guy was being a jerk trying to grab her and she told me she didn't know the guy. At the end of the night he was the one she left with though. Women are impossible.

Anyway, I've decided to continue drinking and Saturday is going to be particularly bad. We are having a house warming party and my roommate has forbidden me from hitting on her friends. It starts at 5...I figure I'll be too drunk to comply by 7 and then I'll have to hit the bar until 2, so I may lose all motor skills by Sunday...Go Team.

Okay...enough of this boring updating stuff. Talk to you soon,


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