Monday, June 06, 2005


Blackout Part II

Okay, so I had another blackout this weekend. This time I fully intend to blame my roommate for starting her housewarming party at 5 in the afternoon giving me far too many hours to drink. None of her friends liked me and none of them would talk to me so I kept getting drunker and drunker until around midnight I began my walk down to the bar. I do not know if I made it to the bar that I intended to go to or not. Whereever I ended up, I did end up getting a call from a friend at 1:15 in the morning... a call I do not remember but that she claims was very memorable. Apparently I was hitting on my friend on the phone and some girl wherever I was thought that I was hitting on her and starting cussing me out. That was pretty much the story of my weekend. Women being appalled that I would have the nerve to try and talk to them, even when I wasn't. Anyway, hopefully I'm still welcome at the bar. Dani has me nervous that I'll get kicked out, but as I said before, by most accounts I'm a really fun drunk. The sad thing is that I almost prefer the blackouts now. Rejection doesn't hurt quite as much when you can't remember being rejected. Anyway, that was my weekend. Oh yeah, and I approached the coffee shop girl this morning and got a quasi rejection/cop out from her. When I asked her out she said she would have to "think about it." This is one of many girl codes for "no." Nonetheless, I told her next time I'm in I'll ask her about it again. Fingers crossed-I need a girlfriend so I can stop drinking or if she wants me to continue drinking at least so I know what happened to me the next day.

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