Monday, June 13, 2005


Bad Weekend....Bad.

I did horribly this weekend. Not much else to say, except that the alcohol helped to make the rejection more tolerable. Originally I anticipated my blog being more about economics as that is one of my big interests and my field of study, but women have driven me to the bottle and so my posts have become pretty much about my sometimes sober, but increasingly drunken attempts to convince women that I am a worthwhile human being. With one notable exception, this has proven a huge failure, but I will not be deterred. In any case, it seems some of my friends have taken to checking on my blog to see if I survived another week/weekend, so even though I don't much feel like recounting my rejections right now I figured I would pop my head in and say hi and let them know I'm still alive. I'm not looking for tons of phone calls right now. Anyway, I might introduce some new stories about the weekend soon...then again I might just curl up and go into hibernation.

I will be in D.C. for a couple of weeks which could mean very heavy posting (nothing to do) or very little posting (I found a hotspot where hot law students decide they love me and want to hook up every night). Somewhere around the halfway mark I will let you know which turned out to be the case.

Back to work.

women have driven me to the bottle

Not to sound like the psychobabbling New Ager than I am, but you choose your own actions. I know that you're having a hard time and you're drinking to cope with that. But there are other ways of dealing with it. You've chosen to drink.

Just say'n.
It seems that you've found that hotspot ;)

But yeah, originally i thought my blog would be econ-only. Now I realize that only real nerds can keep up with that and not be BORED. haha
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