Friday, April 15, 2005


Late night Rambling

Ugh...redhead messing with my mind.

She calls me up on Wed. and tells me she wants to be friends but felt uncomfortable the "other night." I resisted the urge to comment on the fact that she hadn't returned by calls for 4 days. I was less able to resist telling her that I wasn't even remotely uncomfortable until she started making out with a guy (not her boyfriend, but more importantly, not me) in front of me. She kept commenting back to how I had told her I was attracted to her. I told her that wouldn't be a problem if she would introduce me to one of her hot friends I could go out with. She told me all of her friends were hot, but none were single. She then relegated me to the "friend" role in the sort of way that makes it clear you aren't the person's friend, but rather someone they are going to use in a haphazard sort of way that will make you wish you were dead. She started to tell me her problems when a friend, presumably a real one, called and she told me she had to take it and would call me back later.

I went home and drank for a few hours...increasingly feeling the bitterness of the realization that I would never be a real friend for her. The realization that she was using me so that she could feel better about herself taunted me. I knew in my heart that even if one of her hot friends became single she would never try to fix me up with them for fear of losing me as a lapdog to make her feel attractive and wanted. Yeah, I guess you could say it was one of those mooments of lucidity that you live to regret, because I called her up since she never called me back as she promised. I got her voicemail and left her a message that went a little something like this.

Hi...I would like to be your friend, but I don't really think you want to be my friend. I think you are just using me and I've given up on letting women use me for anything other than sex. If you really are interested in being my friend give me a call back, but I'm not about to be the guy you only call when you are drunk or looking for someone to forgive you for your sins and tell you that whatever you did was okay.

That was paraphrasing, but it was equally bad and probably slightly slurred since I had done quite a few shots. The next morning I called and left a voicemail asking her to forget the previous night's message and give me a call date she hasn't, and probably never will. I probably shouldn't be bummed about that, but I feel bad nonetheless, even though I think my assessment was accurate of her.

On another front, I met a woman online who I was worried would turn out to be a middle aged balding man, but I spoke to her on the phone today and she actually sounds young and attractive and most importantly from my perspective, female. We are going to have a picnic on Sunday and meet in person for the first time. Her continued response to me thus far has been "you are so weird." Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing.

Meanwhile, my roommate is giving me a hard time about my drinking and may not renew my lease, which is particularly annoying considering she fully admits that I haven't done anything wrong. She is just worried that I am drinking too much. I find this ironic because it implies that if I move out she will stop worrying about my drinking which really means she would never talk to me again if I moved out and if that is the case, than I can't see her caring about me at all and if she doesn't care about me at all I come back to the fact that I don't see why she should be concerned about drinking that she admits is not having any other negative effects on her other than this concern.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a few links.

From the Guardian: "In more than half of Nike's factories, the report said, employees worked more than 60 hours a day. In up to 25%, workers refusing to do overtime were punished." Read that again really quickly. 60 hours a day? Thanks to Mahalanobis for the heads up.

In honor of tax day...a link to a tax survey of some interest from the taxfoundation and the Idea Shop.

This piece on the prospect of an American flat tax from the Economist is interesting. For those who think the flat tax is somehow uniquely American, consider: "The experiment started in a small way in 1994, when Estonia became the first country in Europe to introduce a “flat tax” on personal and corporate income. Income is taxed at a single uniform rate of 26%: no schedule of rates, no deductions. The economy has flourished. Others followed: first, Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia's Baltic neighbours; later Russia (with a rate of 13% on personal income), then Slovakia (19% on personal and corporate income). One of Poland's centre-right opposition parties is campaigning for a similar code (with a rate of 15%). So far eight countries have followed Estonia's example (see article). An old idea that for decades elicited the response, “Fine in theory, just not practical in the real world,” seems to be working as well in practice as it does on the blackboard."

I'm disturbed by the decision by the WTO to accept the "public morals" defense in trade cases. See this article. I'm just generally against public morals though.

On that note...I'm done for tonight. I'll try to put up some interesting and fun quotes at a later date for ya....Night all

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