Friday, April 29, 2005


A couple of days off

Technically today is my day off for annual vacation. I'm in the office anyway, though not working particularly hard. This is going to prove to be a pretty interesting weekend though.

Yesterday I got told I looked "fly" by a guy who works at a Thai restaurant I go to. Then I hit on a girl in front of Matt who turned out to be 16, though he did admit that my technique was good, just a bit off with the aim. She was I must say very hot though so I think my optimism that she was of legal age was understandable.

Then I talked to my girl who I had gone on a couple of dates with and she said she just wants to be friends, so I decided to go out drinking that night. Technically she told me this before the coffee shop, but anyway, I'm doing a kind of stream of conciousness thing here so just get used to it. I wasn't particularly upset that she "just wanted to be friends." To be perfectly honest I wasn't feeling anything either. What does bother me is how anti-sex she was with me (and anti kissing, making out, etc.) only to discover once she indicated we should be friends that in approximately the same amount of time we have been going out another guy has basically gotten to do everything with her short of actual intercourse. That kinda hurt.

So anyway, I go to a bar and there is an amazingly hot woman there. Insanely hot. Seriously, you could tell me this girl has every STD in the books and I would still have a hard time saying no to having sex with her, even unprotected sex. In any case, she was totally digging me, but I thought she was there with this guy...turns out I was wrong, but by the time I figured it out another guy had basically picked her up. She went home with him, and I wanted to weep. I did find out her favorite shot and where she works though so it looks like I'll be going to a new bar this weekend in the hopes of running into her.

I also met a very nice woman who was going to hook me up, but due to the lack of women in the bar that night and the fact that the one I really wanted was already taken, this was a lost cause. She did give me a raincheck though along with her number. It seems possible that we might go clubbing on Saturday and she can try to help me make some progress with a few of the women there.

Did I mention how hot the girl was I screwed up things with by not just randomly going up to her? this is the reason I normally make a move immediately. Hot girls have a limited amount of time before they are "off the market" as it were. Did I mention that as piggish as this may sound, she frenched a girl in the bar while I was there too and oh my god that was hot and had to have decreased the amount of time before some guy wore her down by like 150%.

Okay...gunna try and do some work now.

Talk to you all soon.

P.S. my home computer is exceptionally broken suddenly. Seriously, I can't do ANYTHING on it, so to my few friends who read this and like to send me emails calling me names or telling me how stupid I am, you will have to call me or send me an email at my work account until I get it fixed.


Even if she was with someone, if shes checking you out its fair game.
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