Saturday, April 09, 2005


Arghness revisited

Hey everyone. So last night was weird. I was working in the office at about 10 p.m. when the cute redhead down the hall who didn't return my calls for like two months calls me up and asks where her flowers are for her birthday. I told her that I was going to get them for her, but people told me it would be creepy since the last time I actually talked to her I told her I was attracted to her. She said no, she would have thought it was sweet and she doesn't believe I remembered, though my friends will confirm I tormented myself over this. Of course, I wasn't able to get any of them on the phone to confirm it when I needed to, but that is neither here nor there. So anyway, she was a bit drunk and they were going to a bar across from where I work so since she also didn't believe I was in the office she told me to meet her down there, which I did. Then she said she still wanted her flowers, but by now it was 11 at night. Not much chance of me finding a store so I go back to my office and confiscate a coworkers potted plant...I think it was a fern...and proceed to walk back into this bar with this huge almost dead plant. She appreciated it I think. She told me her boyfriend was on a cruise and she really wanted to get laid but couldn't. I offered my services...I also offered to kiss her, but she said no on both counts. That isn't even where I got hurt though. Where I got hurt was that less than an hour later she was making out with another guy who she had never met before. Don't get me wrong...he was tall and good looking and probably a really good guy so there was no reason that she shouldn't have been making out with him (well except for the bf thing) but I wasn't concerned about the boyfriend, I was concerned about the fact that here I was taking her a potted plant and I get nothing and this random guy gets to kiss her. So I'm a little pissed. I went back to the office and slept for a couple of hours and then went home, showered, shaved, and came back to the office because she is in today and I brought her a bottle of Hypnotic and a stuffed animal (a really cute bat...hey it was the only one that had the sticky stuff so it could look like it was holding the alcohol). When I knocked on the door her boss answered and said they were in a meeting so I left the stuffed animal and alcohol with him. Not that it will do me any good. One of her friends told me I never should have asked about the kissing her and that I just should have done it. Some days I hate myself. Okay...every day.

Yep, you should have gone in for the kiss.
Alexa, next time i'm in New York you are gunna have to teach me how to make a move on a woman. At 25 I really should know how, but apparently not.
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