Friday, April 29, 2005


A couple of days off

Technically today is my day off for annual vacation. I'm in the office anyway, though not working particularly hard. This is going to prove to be a pretty interesting weekend though.

Yesterday I got told I looked "fly" by a guy who works at a Thai restaurant I go to. Then I hit on a girl in front of Matt who turned out to be 16, though he did admit that my technique was good, just a bit off with the aim. She was I must say very hot though so I think my optimism that she was of legal age was understandable.

Then I talked to my girl who I had gone on a couple of dates with and she said she just wants to be friends, so I decided to go out drinking that night. Technically she told me this before the coffee shop, but anyway, I'm doing a kind of stream of conciousness thing here so just get used to it. I wasn't particularly upset that she "just wanted to be friends." To be perfectly honest I wasn't feeling anything either. What does bother me is how anti-sex she was with me (and anti kissing, making out, etc.) only to discover once she indicated we should be friends that in approximately the same amount of time we have been going out another guy has basically gotten to do everything with her short of actual intercourse. That kinda hurt.

So anyway, I go to a bar and there is an amazingly hot woman there. Insanely hot. Seriously, you could tell me this girl has every STD in the books and I would still have a hard time saying no to having sex with her, even unprotected sex. In any case, she was totally digging me, but I thought she was there with this guy...turns out I was wrong, but by the time I figured it out another guy had basically picked her up. She went home with him, and I wanted to weep. I did find out her favorite shot and where she works though so it looks like I'll be going to a new bar this weekend in the hopes of running into her.

I also met a very nice woman who was going to hook me up, but due to the lack of women in the bar that night and the fact that the one I really wanted was already taken, this was a lost cause. She did give me a raincheck though along with her number. It seems possible that we might go clubbing on Saturday and she can try to help me make some progress with a few of the women there.

Did I mention how hot the girl was I screwed up things with by not just randomly going up to her? this is the reason I normally make a move immediately. Hot girls have a limited amount of time before they are "off the market" as it were. Did I mention that as piggish as this may sound, she frenched a girl in the bar while I was there too and oh my god that was hot and had to have decreased the amount of time before some guy wore her down by like 150%.

Okay...gunna try and do some work now.

Talk to you all soon.

P.S. my home computer is exceptionally broken suddenly. Seriously, I can't do ANYTHING on it, so to my few friends who read this and like to send me emails calling me names or telling me how stupid I am, you will have to call me or send me an email at my work account until I get it fixed.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Masturbating may protect against prostate cancer

In this New Scientist article it states "The protective effect is greatest while men are in their twenties: those who had ejaculated more than five times per week in their twenties, for instance, were one-third less likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer later in life." Some of my friends will realize immediately why this is of interest to me. Five times a week seems like an incredibly low and easy figure to reach. That's not even once a day, and a man in his twenties, such as myself, should easily be able to hit 3 times a day (granted one of those times may need to be a quickie). In an earlier post I admitted that some of the people I know found out how often I do it and thought I may "have a problem." As it turns out, I'm merely engaging in preventative medicine.

thanks to Jacqueline for the link.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


A couple of Papers

Just a couple of papers...

Monogamy's Law: Compulsory Monogomy and Polyamorous Existence

The Deliquency of Subprime Mortgages

The former article is of particular interest for my Polyamorous friends, the latter is of interest to me because of my limited days in the banking industry.

Friday, April 15, 2005


Late night Rambling

Ugh...redhead messing with my mind.

She calls me up on Wed. and tells me she wants to be friends but felt uncomfortable the "other night." I resisted the urge to comment on the fact that she hadn't returned by calls for 4 days. I was less able to resist telling her that I wasn't even remotely uncomfortable until she started making out with a guy (not her boyfriend, but more importantly, not me) in front of me. She kept commenting back to how I had told her I was attracted to her. I told her that wouldn't be a problem if she would introduce me to one of her hot friends I could go out with. She told me all of her friends were hot, but none were single. She then relegated me to the "friend" role in the sort of way that makes it clear you aren't the person's friend, but rather someone they are going to use in a haphazard sort of way that will make you wish you were dead. She started to tell me her problems when a friend, presumably a real one, called and she told me she had to take it and would call me back later.

I went home and drank for a few hours...increasingly feeling the bitterness of the realization that I would never be a real friend for her. The realization that she was using me so that she could feel better about herself taunted me. I knew in my heart that even if one of her hot friends became single she would never try to fix me up with them for fear of losing me as a lapdog to make her feel attractive and wanted. Yeah, I guess you could say it was one of those mooments of lucidity that you live to regret, because I called her up since she never called me back as she promised. I got her voicemail and left her a message that went a little something like this.

Hi...I would like to be your friend, but I don't really think you want to be my friend. I think you are just using me and I've given up on letting women use me for anything other than sex. If you really are interested in being my friend give me a call back, but I'm not about to be the guy you only call when you are drunk or looking for someone to forgive you for your sins and tell you that whatever you did was okay.

That was paraphrasing, but it was equally bad and probably slightly slurred since I had done quite a few shots. The next morning I called and left a voicemail asking her to forget the previous night's message and give me a call date she hasn't, and probably never will. I probably shouldn't be bummed about that, but I feel bad nonetheless, even though I think my assessment was accurate of her.

On another front, I met a woman online who I was worried would turn out to be a middle aged balding man, but I spoke to her on the phone today and she actually sounds young and attractive and most importantly from my perspective, female. We are going to have a picnic on Sunday and meet in person for the first time. Her continued response to me thus far has been "you are so weird." Hopefully this turns out to be a good thing.

Meanwhile, my roommate is giving me a hard time about my drinking and may not renew my lease, which is particularly annoying considering she fully admits that I haven't done anything wrong. She is just worried that I am drinking too much. I find this ironic because it implies that if I move out she will stop worrying about my drinking which really means she would never talk to me again if I moved out and if that is the case, than I can't see her caring about me at all and if she doesn't care about me at all I come back to the fact that I don't see why she should be concerned about drinking that she admits is not having any other negative effects on her other than this concern.

Anyway, I'll leave you with a few links.

From the Guardian: "In more than half of Nike's factories, the report said, employees worked more than 60 hours a day. In up to 25%, workers refusing to do overtime were punished." Read that again really quickly. 60 hours a day? Thanks to Mahalanobis for the heads up.

In honor of tax day...a link to a tax survey of some interest from the taxfoundation and the Idea Shop.

This piece on the prospect of an American flat tax from the Economist is interesting. For those who think the flat tax is somehow uniquely American, consider: "The experiment started in a small way in 1994, when Estonia became the first country in Europe to introduce a “flat tax” on personal and corporate income. Income is taxed at a single uniform rate of 26%: no schedule of rates, no deductions. The economy has flourished. Others followed: first, Latvia and Lithuania, Estonia's Baltic neighbours; later Russia (with a rate of 13% on personal income), then Slovakia (19% on personal and corporate income). One of Poland's centre-right opposition parties is campaigning for a similar code (with a rate of 15%). So far eight countries have followed Estonia's example (see article). An old idea that for decades elicited the response, “Fine in theory, just not practical in the real world,” seems to be working as well in practice as it does on the blackboard."

I'm disturbed by the decision by the WTO to accept the "public morals" defense in trade cases. See this article. I'm just generally against public morals though.

On that note...I'm done for tonight. I'll try to put up some interesting and fun quotes at a later date for ya....Night all

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Arghness revisited

Hey everyone. So last night was weird. I was working in the office at about 10 p.m. when the cute redhead down the hall who didn't return my calls for like two months calls me up and asks where her flowers are for her birthday. I told her that I was going to get them for her, but people told me it would be creepy since the last time I actually talked to her I told her I was attracted to her. She said no, she would have thought it was sweet and she doesn't believe I remembered, though my friends will confirm I tormented myself over this. Of course, I wasn't able to get any of them on the phone to confirm it when I needed to, but that is neither here nor there. So anyway, she was a bit drunk and they were going to a bar across from where I work so since she also didn't believe I was in the office she told me to meet her down there, which I did. Then she said she still wanted her flowers, but by now it was 11 at night. Not much chance of me finding a store so I go back to my office and confiscate a coworkers potted plant...I think it was a fern...and proceed to walk back into this bar with this huge almost dead plant. She appreciated it I think. She told me her boyfriend was on a cruise and she really wanted to get laid but couldn't. I offered my services...I also offered to kiss her, but she said no on both counts. That isn't even where I got hurt though. Where I got hurt was that less than an hour later she was making out with another guy who she had never met before. Don't get me wrong...he was tall and good looking and probably a really good guy so there was no reason that she shouldn't have been making out with him (well except for the bf thing) but I wasn't concerned about the boyfriend, I was concerned about the fact that here I was taking her a potted plant and I get nothing and this random guy gets to kiss her. So I'm a little pissed. I went back to the office and slept for a couple of hours and then went home, showered, shaved, and came back to the office because she is in today and I brought her a bottle of Hypnotic and a stuffed animal (a really cute bat...hey it was the only one that had the sticky stuff so it could look like it was holding the alcohol). When I knocked on the door her boss answered and said they were in a meeting so I left the stuffed animal and alcohol with him. Not that it will do me any good. One of her friends told me I never should have asked about the kissing her and that I just should have done it. Some days I hate myself. Okay...every day.

Friday, April 01, 2005


An interesting article

Hi all,

I'm still in the office. I know what you are saying..."josh, why aren't you getting ready to go woo all those cute little blonde girls who adore you so much?" Well, I'll tell you. My partying has been pretty expensive lately so I've decided to be a little more reserved this weekend. Also they are moving the pay date for our checks from Fridays to Mondays which is totally screwing with me.

Anyway, my productivity as it is measured, not as it actually exists, is being pulled down. The way we measure productivity (one way at least) is in "hours per schedule." However that isn't exactly it. It's hours per productive schedule. And what constitutes productive? One that you are able to get all of the information that the national office wanted for it. Here is the problem. You sometimes get schedules where it is literally impossible to get all that the national office wanted for it because it involves an establishment that no longer exists or doesn't exist as the national office thought it existed. I'm getting tons of situations like that recently. I'm not complaining, I'm just worried about it. I pride myself on being a good worker. I'm not particularly bright or talented, but I make up with it through persistence and hard work. So the thought that my "productivity" is being hurt by these occurences is worrying me. Don't get me wrong though, I really like my job and I'm glad I'm here. So anyway, I just thought I would explain this so that my very few readers might understand me when I talk about my productivity and such.

Finally, the title of this post claimed there would be an interesting article. Here it is. I can guarantee you that virtually everyone who isn't an economist (and maybe even some that are) are going to find this slate article of Landsburgs either foolish or offensive, but I guess my economic training (or as some of my more anti-market comrades refer to it "indoctrination") makes me think he has some good points...but I'm not convinced. He is writing about the Schiavo case in the article titled "Imagine Terri were a Toaster." His basic assertion is that whatever Terri wanted to have happen to her remains while she was alive is basically irrelevant since she is effectively dead. There is a substantive problem with that.

1. She isn't dead (or rather she wasn't at the time this was a relevant issue).

It seems like a pretty important distinction. Still, I think the article is interesting and worth a read. I'll comment more later after I have a chance to think about it.

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