Thursday, March 31, 2005


Movie plug and my listening habits

I'm in the office's late, but I can't get away. I keep thinking of things and I keep getting distracted because I love my XM radio...right now I am listening to Classic Supreme Court Arguments. I'm listening to the 1993(I think) Supreme Court case regarding the chokehold injunction. It is always fascinating to listen to the oral arguments before the Supreme Court. In any case, many people find out I listen to C-Span and they look at me suspiciously...rightly so.

Anyway, I was on the phone with Marie earlier. She had just seen the movie Cursed and commented it was a "stupid werewolf movie." This got me to thinking about one of my favorite werewolf series of movies, the Ginger Snaps series (3 movies total). Here are some quotes courtesy of IMDB to get you all out to rent this brilliant series.

Ginger: The fuck, Bee. This is your idea. If you don't like your ideas, stop having them.

[while burying girl under the shed]
Ginger: Think she's pretty?
Brigitte: If I wasn't here would you eat her?

Ginger: You swore we'd go together, one way or another.
Brigitte: When we were eight.

Ginger: I get this ache... And I, I thought it was for sex, but it's to tear everything to fucking pieces.

Ginger: [Playing with a kitchen knife] Wrists are for girls. I'm slitting my throat.

Ginger: I said I'd die for you!
Brigitte: No. You said you'd die with me. Cause you had nothing better to do.

Brigitte: [suicide note] No comment.

Written on psychologist's notepad after Brigitte explains her lycanthropic transformation: Lesbian?

There ya go. Not really anything new...but you guys should check out Ginger Snaps and Ginger Snaps: Unleashed

Rather than actually update the post, I thought I'd comment to myself that I should also mention the less ingenius, though still viewable prequel Ginger Snaps Back
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