Monday, February 14, 2005


When I'm drunk I'm popular with attached women and gay guys...what's up with that?

Hi again all,

I had a weekend. I have taken to the bottle in a pretty spectacular fashion and it seems to be helping. On Friday night I went to Boogie Fever and drank vodka and cokes. Woman after woman refused my advances, but at the end of the night I got 3 very attractive women to dance with me...they all had boyfriends or husbands, but they danced with me and it felt good, especially the grinding...the grinding was very good. The most sober of the three asked me if I thought it was appropriate to touch female strangers the way that I was...they didn't seem to mind, but I backed off a little anyway. Sadly, I didn't get any phone numbers, but I consider the night a success nonetheless.

Then on Saturday night I went back. This time only one married woman danced with me. I did get hit on by three guys though. One of them flat out told me he thought I was "so hot" and "very cute." It felt good but then his female companion got pissed at me and pushed me away, though not before he leaned in to give me a kiss and then grabbed my head and pulled it in against his chest. The police took my car keys away and I had to pick them up on Sunday...I wasn't driving drunk or anything like that...they just came into the club, saw me dancing and decided that I shouldn't have my keys. The following day a full 12 hours after my last drink my breathalizer readout still came in too high for them to give me my car keys back. the bouncers at the club were also convinced I had taken other drugs along with the alcohol, but I swear I hadn't. I was going to try and be witty writing this recount and make it sound more interesting, but I haven't been able to accomplish anything today...all of the people I call are "out" and it is aggravating...arghhh.

Okay, more later...really.

Hi Josh, hope you had a great Valentine's Day, maybe a little more rewarding than your weekend ;-)
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