Monday, February 07, 2005


I'm in a better mood

Last night I had a four hour phone conversation almost entirely with "sweetness" as I have taken to calling her (her twin sister "Tiger" was aloof most of the night making me wonder if she still likes me). In any case it was a really good conversation. It was our first conversation that really involved sex since we met. I find that really strange considering how important sex is to me, but the twins are younger than me and it just didn't feel appropriate until recently to discuss such things.

Here is the big laugh of the night, she was under the impression that I wasn't particularly kinky...please try not to hit the person next to you as you flail your arms wildly in laughter. They are goth girls and apparantly a bit kinky as well so we had lots to talk about.

I miss Sweetness and Tiger alot and time has only made me even fonder of them. I found out that they blog, though I didn't mention my blog and wondered if they had already found it. I don't know why I didn't mention it...I don't ever say anything bad about them because there is nothing bad to say about either of them. They are sweet and funny and smart and I would only say good things about either of them, but I still didn't feel like I should let them know. I have had this problem with many people I know. The pressure of having a blog that all your friends read seems so much more daunting than something that just random people read. Of course, some day they might come across my blog and be annoyed I didn't tell them about it, but I hope that they can come back to this entry and note that it was not done out of malice.

I don't really want to let the entire world into the contents of the conversation between the two of us, but it was a pretty important phone call that has changed my mood drastically for the better so I figured I should mention it to any readers out there. I will not be drinking this week.

In other news, my hair stylist is going to find out relationship details about the new blonde girl at my hair salon so that I can approach her. I thought that was going to be the high point of my weekend, but it turned out that the phone call was...though technically the phone call occurred today (it started just after midnight and went to 4:30...I then got up at 8 before my alarm even went off...that tells you how good it was.

Anyway, I'm calling "sweetness" tonight. It will hopefully not blow up in my face the way my conversations with every other woman does.

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