Thursday, February 10, 2005


I'm going to be less personal today.

Okay, I've been ranting for a few days about things that I'm sure no one but me cares about, so now I'm going to link to a bunch of stuff that once again, most people are likely not to care about.

This paper, entitled "Fatal Attraction" is about "hide and seek" games (zero sum games where one player wins by matching the response of the other party and the other pary wins by mismatching the former players response). It is all good fun, and suprisingly begins with a Garrison Keillor quote.

Marginal revolution links to a paper estimating the costs of producing new drugs. It is pretty interesting, and actually reflects a lower number than I would have guess, if not higher than other people seem to think.

I also like Alex's point in this entry that it is a normative assessment to claim that young people die in car crashes because of brain immaturity. "I am bothered, however, by how much of this type of research is suffused with a normative bias. Why is taking risks always connected with brain immaturity? Why not say brain atrophy makes people stodgy and boring? Could it be that the researchers are not teenagers?"

Via geekpress, The song "Escape" in a tech world comes true.

For Jay, this is the story about the online sex offender database/dating service that I mentioned.

That is about it for today. On a personal note, I'm off to a good start on my 30 a week plan. I hit on one girl at the coffee shop this morning before I started work, one at my dry cleaners which I went to at lunch, and one at the grocery store, which I also hit at lunch. I figure I can easily hit 3 more tonight. Yes they were all rejections, but eventually some woman will have to be stupid enough to say yes right?

Have a good one all.

Quote of the day? "My days of not taking you seriously are seriously coming to a middle. " --Firefly

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