Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I haven't posted in awhile

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile mainly because if I posted about what I've been doing I'd probably have alot of irate people leaving comments about what a bad person I am...

I have rediscovered drinking at the age of 25. I never particularly liked drinking...I got drunk once when I was very young and bad stuff happened, so I only got drunk by myself for a very long time. Now that I have discovered that noone would possibly want to be with me, drinking in public has gotten more enjoyable. I would actually be very happy if some random woman would see me in my inebriated state and take advantage of me...in ways that don't just involve me buying them drinks.

I have discovered I am an excellent drunk and that drinking around people is not nearly as depressing as drinking by yourself. For those of you who don't believe that I am an excellent drunk...the police have actually indicated this to me as they know me extremely well by now. I had one tell me as he saw me entering a club on Saturday night to "Rock On!" He said this after confirming I had been at another club the night before and I was the same person he remembered. It made me feel all warm and tingly so I did 3 shots and hit the dance floor which at the time was practically vacant. Sure, I asked women to dance with me, but they all said no. Once I got on the floor, women danced with me, but none of them would do it for more than 5 or 10 minutes and I sure as hell didn't get any numbers out of the deal...in spite of the fact that there was one exceptionally hot blonde girl there who could have gotten me to crawl around on the floor and bark like a dog if she had asked...who am I kidding? Most attractive women could get me to do that when I'm sober.

I thought I was making progress with one girl who I kept buying shots of..."piece of ass" whatever the hell that is. She snuck away before dancing with me...possibly because I had my hands all over her, although in my defense I repeatedly asked her if it was alright and told her to tell me if i crossed a line.

So anyway...I also got banned from a club, apparently for life, despite the fact I did nothing wrong...if you don't believe I did nothing wrong (as many of my friends have indicated) then you can go to hell. Seriously, the cops said I was fine, the bouncers said there wasn't a problem, and the bartenders loved me. The owner of that club just doesn't like me. He as much as told me so when I spoke to him upon entering.

So anyway, I have been partying...trying to meet a hot blonde girl who will take advantage of me.

As a side note, I would like to relay this story from Saturday night...I am dancing by myself close to closing. A woman starts dancing very suggestively with me and asks me if I am there by myself and I say no...I ask her if she is there by herself...before she can respond her female friend comes over and tells me she is her girlfriend and starts to pull her away. As a joke, well 60% joke, 40% serious, I indicate that I would be willing to go home with both of them. This doesn't get them to stay? What is up with that?

Also, why is it that at closing time I am always dancing alone and creepy guys are dancing with the hot girls? I hate that.

I'll type more later if I can get up the energy.

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