Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I have an authentic valley boy "whatever."

I talked to the twins again last night...I intended to be done at a reasonable hour, but increasingly I am of the belief that a reasonable hour when talking with them really is 3 o'clock in the morning. I enjoy chatting with them quite a bit and last night I got a little bit more attention from Tiger so she apparently doesn't hate me. She has also informed me that when I come to visit she is going to "goth me up." No, I will not be posting pictures of that. I'm going to let her of course though, because she purrs for me and I have to say if you heard her purr you wouldn't be able to say no either.

Two days in a row of a decent mood...this may be my longest record in many years. Hopefully I won't come crashing down tonight since we won't be chatting.

In other news, I'm driving up North tomorrow for an appointment and as usual they are expecting snow...I'm gifted at being able to generate snow on any occassion that I don't fancy it. Still, I only have the one appointment and it is later in the day so I expect it will be a good leisurly day.

I'll post some links later if I don't fall asleep,


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