Friday, February 11, 2005


Generally uninteresting update, with one funny link

Via Newmark's Door, 51 easy steps to creating your own blog. Anyone who has a blog will instantly recognize that they went through virtually all of these steps and will then start drinking heavily.

In other news, April 1 -7 is going to be my California trip. I'm apprehensive. I adore the twins and am instantaneously distrustful of any guy they are with. It isn't that I am jealous, I am just distrustful. I can guarantee that the people they introduce me to during the week will not be good enough for them and I will have to bite my tongue so as not to offend them and have them avoid talking to me.

Hopefully I can make it through without totalling screwing up my relationship with them. It will be a long hard road, but I can't not go back and visit them.

I've more or less finished cutting off my ties with my coworkers. I sent an email politely requesting some of my DVD's back from one of them and sent an email with an excuse as to why I'm not going to be playing poker with them anymore that hopefully doesn't sound petty or lame.

The twins told me what I already know, that my method isn't likely to work in picking up women...I told them what they already know, that I don't have any other options. I can't blow my relationship with them because a) they are really cool and I like them, and b) they are going to be my last chance for getting attractive 18 year old girls to go out with me. In any case, back to the grindstone today and then tonight I do the clubbing thing.

Wish me Luck

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