Sunday, January 02, 2005


Update on my Woman Search

No new developments, just more rejection, but many types of rejection.

I went to a New Years Eve party with Jay and viable women there, but I had a good time nonetheless.

The next night I went to Posh, a local club. My dancing was so bad that the bouncer recommended I call a cab to get home. There might have been other reasons for the recommendation too...I refuse to comment on that. I got rejected by 3 different women that I approached and at least one that I didn't even talk too. I was standing at the bar dancing all by myself and I guess this girl thought I was trying to dance with her and gave me a look, a wave of the hand, and walked away.

Tonight I missed two opportunities to approach women and the one I did approach turned out to be 16 (almost 17). I went to get ice cream. On the way there I passed starbucks and saw a cute girl with two other girls in the window and was going to hit them up on my way back but they were gone so I screwed up on that. On the way back I also think I might have gotten checked out by a girl in the starbucks but she was with a guy. She was cute, but it wasn't obvious enough for me to feel like I was in a position to approach her while in the middle of a conversation with another guy.

The 16 year old works at the ice cream place and she was very cute. I flirted with her but had my suspicions that she was a minor. I posed the question and got the response I didn't want. Of course if I'm lucky maybe she will continue working there until she turns 18 and I can get rejected by her officially then.

Anyway, not much new to report, but I have to get some stuff ready for tomorrow as I haven't gotten much done this weekend in terms of work.

Chat with ya all later.

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