Monday, January 17, 2005


Stolen Links...cause I'm evil

Today was particularly quiet in the office despite the fact that 2 other people showed up. Everyone was in a mood. On the upside I've been working quite a bit. I got an insane call from my mom this morning not too long after I got in and it pissed me off. I'm pretty sure she is waiting for me to call her back, but its just not going to happen so think what you want of me...I'm not falling into that trap.

Okay...what is in the news today? Well, everything I have today is stolen from other bloggers since I was working today and my data mining abilities were on that here goes.

This article was linked to by the good folks over at MR. The salient passage:

"An essay that does little more than restate the question gets a 1. An essay that compares humans to squirrels -- if a squirrel told other squirrels about its food store, it would die, therefore secrecy is necessary for survival -- merits a 5. Brian A. Bremen, an English professor at the University of Texas at Austin, notes that the writer provides only one real example. Nevertheless, he says, the writer displays "a clear chain of thought" and should be rewarded, "despite his Republican tendencies."

For those of you who are going to assume that the article is from some republican magazine like the weekly standard without actually clicking on the is from the washington post and no other mention is made in the article about the bizarreness of this line.

Via geekpress, this story on potential non lethal weapons is interesting as well as stupifying.

And I might just mention that Voxbaby is doing an excellent job providing some alternatives on Social particular post, but if you look at the entries for the last couple of weeks you will see what I mean.

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