Thursday, January 06, 2005


Random stories for the day

Oh my God (for not being a religious man I use that phrase way too much).

This story is the catalyst for my latest utterance. I can't believe we had to have a new trial because: "a state appeals court overturned Foster's previous conviction because she was charged with 'attempted poisoning,' which was not a specific crime under Florida law." I'm not a legal scholar but it seems to me that a. the prosecution was just stupid for not going for attempted murder and b. that there must at least be some basis in common law for prosecuting someone based on attempted poisoning and that as such even if the prosecutor was stupid it hardly seems to warrant a new trial in of itself. Granted, I'm not familiar with the specifics of the case, but that has never stopped me from judging other peoples actions before so why should it cause me to start now.

Then there is this suicide by a surgeon in Arkansas with the following bizarre characteristics.

1. "He wrote on his arm in ink, "No Post Mortem." And the note went on, "To the Coroner, I took an overdose and there is no need to violate my body."

2. He indicated his love for his CAT in the suicide note that went on for 5 pages.

3. "During his life, the surgeon was an outspoken proponent for organ donation, but the way he committed suicide did not allow his organs to be harvested. "

4. Finally, his egotistical suicide note apparently stated that the world just wasn't ready for him.

I personally think he listed to Don McClean's "Vincent" a few too many times.

Another story in the Economist about why I will probably never be able to retire even with my high savings rate.

This thanks to Marginal Revolution will provide hours of interesting reading. It is responses to the question "WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IS TRUE EVEN THOUGH YOU CANNOT PROVE IT?"

Also thanks to MR a new link to blog by a food economist will be appearing on the left shortly. Link here.

Kerry is terribly enjoyable and every once in awhile I feel the need to give her a free plug. I would like to point out today though that I am now an ardent feminist as I have been letting my female roommate shovel the driveway.

(In case any hot blondes are reading the above passage and now disregarding me as being unmateable--if you have met me you probably came to this conclusion independently of the above statement--I would like to point out that my roommate leaves for work before me most days and claims to have some OCD thing going on so really I'm not avoiding shoveling the walk...I'm enabling her psychotic behavior.)

Two things:

1) If I left a suicide note I'd probably write five pages just on the subject of how much I love my cats. The rest of you can all go to hell--I love them kitties.

2) For the record, OCD is a neurosis, not a psychosis. (FYI: Neuroses are characterized by problematic behaviors or cognitions rooted in an attempt to reduce anxiety. Psychoses are characterized by distortions of reality, such as delusions/hallucinations.)
Okay...I'm enabling her neurotic behavior...but I still think the cat thing is a bit weird. I wonder if the cat was blonde? It might explain part of it.
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