Sunday, January 30, 2005


Random links for the cry baby who called me today

I have to stop picking up the phone when I'm drunk...

I am not giving all of you gawkers an insight into my private life today, instead I will be posting a few links since I apparently have an outraged reader who is offended that I have neglected to steal other people's research on the absurd for a few days...get off your high horse woman...anyway, here goes.

Monkey Porn. via Instapundit.

Via Marginal revolution another example of Krugman smoking crack.

Also via MR...cockfighting with boxing gloves?

Via geekpress, D&D themed sex? Granted I don't have sex, but still that seems strange even for me.

Okay...are you all happy? I wish I weren't so easily influenced by peer pressure. Don't come bothering me again until I have the dexterity to type at a rate faster than five words a minute.

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