Thursday, January 13, 2005


Quick News Story

I saw this story and it reminded me of an argument I got into with a ardent feminist I knew in college. She claimed conservative men just couldn't stand the thought of a woman in power and I retorted that Margaret Thatcher is considered by most conservatives to be one of the best world leaders of the 20th century. She stared at me aghast and said...I swear I am not making this up..."that's just because she didn't care about protecting other women. " How do you respond to something like that?

In any case, this passage from the AP story caught me off guard:

The bizarre coup plot drew mercenaries from elite British schools into an attempt to take over Africa's third-largest oil producer, which is led by a dictator with reported cannibalistic tendencies.

Canabalistic tendencies? Maybe I'm off point here but where is the line between canabalistic tendencies and canabalism? Just a weird thought for the day.

On another note...I will be approaching the hot blonde at my car dealership on Saturday and asking her out again. I'm going to be suave and forceful, causing her to swoon as she is taken over by my animal magnetism...sure some women only see the drooling and groveling, but underneath that there are loads of animal magnetism that is simply irresistible.

Wish me luck.

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