Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm in a Rush

Okay...I haven't updated in awhile and Matt indicated on the phone yesterday that this disturbed him. I wish I had updated yesterday, but alas I didn't and now everything has pretty much changed...or failed to change I guess more accurately.

Here are the events in a nutshell:

I went to comedy club with a coworker and the girl he is interested in.

Things went poorly for him and seemed to go fairly well for me. She and I seemed to be hitting it off and several people told me they construed her comments as interest in me. (Dear God why did I believe anyone making such insane statements?)

The girl has a nice body, though I wasn't fond of her face (freckles which I dislike, plus not blonde) but her personality seemed to more than compensate and for the first time in ages I guess I was genuinely attracted to a girl.

I call her up to basically ask her out last night and realize that she has no interest in me whatsoever (shouldn't we have assumed that to begin with?) and I further screw things up by being myself on the ends badly.

So then I drive back today from my appointment and decide I have to get drunk and go after a few dozen women. I talked to Jason and he will get me drunk later (many thanks to my knight in shining armor) but in the meantime I have way too much time and no clubs are open yet (and few seem to be open on Wed Night anyway. So I'm looking into flying to Boston for a couple of days (Lots of college campuses in close proximity means lots of college aged girls and lots of clubs which means maximum rejection in a confined period of time). One of my friends who has relatives that work with one of the airlines is looking into getting me a deal on a flight (I'm looking at 800 bucks roundtrip at such short notice which is backup is to fly to New York which is only 300, but I'm not sure where to go in New York...though I'm sure I could get a couple of people to drive down from Boston or I could drive up from there, but its a four hour trip (more with traffic) which could be problematic.

The story should probably be more thoroughly explained than what I just gave ya'll, but I'm in a bad mood so go screw yourselves if you have a problem with how I explained it.

Incidentally...just because I was attracted to a girl with a face I didn't like does not mean I'm suddenly going to be chasing any dog on the street--(the person who this statement was for knows who they are).

I'll post again when I feel like it...which may be never so it will be interesting to check the site meter periodically to see how long it takes before people stop coming around.


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