Monday, December 20, 2004


News Roundup

The Salmon Effect? Economists and demographers come up with some pretty cool names don't we? Thanks to Newmark's Door for the link.

"Migrants who come into a country generally fare better than the natives in terms of health. The reason is that in order to be a migrant, you have to be in pretty good health, so it is a select group of people."

Can I say no duh? It reminds of when people were scratching their heads trying to figure out how stricter border enforcement was leading to greater numbers of illegal aliens at any given time. The answer was that the illegal immigrants couldn't risk moving back and forth over the border so they just stayed here. I'll dig up the articles later and post a bit on it.

The images that this article brings up are just too interesting...makes me want to go to Texas and see topless dancers.

"Topless dancers in San Antonio will have a little more to wear after the city council on Friday ordered them to carry permits while performing. "

Facial acupuncture is gaining ground.

And finally, in the news of "I can't believe he said that" this article on the Social Security Administration refusing to acknowledge heterosexual marraiges in a specific county during a period when gay and lesbian marriages were being person had this complaint:

"They're delving into every aspect of our lives, including marriage," he said. "I'm appalled."

The person saying it was referring to the heterosexual marriages, not the gay and lesbian marriages. Maybe the article is misleading and the person was really saying it about all marriages, in which case I agree...but it seems more likely this statement is of the nature that "It's okay when they do it to group long as they don't do it to me...that is appalling." And yes, if that is the meaning of the statement then I too am appalled...

Here is the story.

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