Friday, December 03, 2004


Late Night Hypothetical

Okay, so let me present this hypothetical so I can find out if I am theoretically completely off base...This guy, who I will call me, goes into a bar for dinner at about 11:30 at night lets say tonight. As he is finishing up his dinner 3 people enter the bar. One guy and two girls. The guy is not particularly well dressed and is not particularly good looking. One of the girls is also not very good looking. The other girl is actually very good looking. They go and sit down at a table with the guy sitting between the two girls. Now this hypothetical me after paying for his food gets up and approaches the attractive blonde and asks her if she is there "with" the guy. She looks quizzically at me and the guy looks at me like I'm nuts and tells me that yes, she is there with him and also looks pretty pissed off. Me says to the guy, just checking and leaves. Now in this scenerio I fail to see how the guy has any right to be pissed off. He came in with two girls, one of whom obviously shouldn't even be with him and he definitely isn't rich enough to have two women so the odds are at worst 50/50 that she is with him and probably closer to 90/10 that she is not attached to him specifically. How could I not go up and make an attempt? It was the odds damnit...Of course this is entirely hypothetical...I've decided to ignore the fact that it actually happened because I increasingly find myself not only failing to care if a woman tells me she is in a relationship, but also failing to care if the guy is even standing right there and while the former isn't too problematic, the later definitely could affect my dental plan.



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