Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Kinison Remembrance

With the XM radio I have been getting the chance to hear some old Kinison routines (as if anything he did could be considered routine) and I'm reminded of his brilliance. The irony of his life can't be overstated. He was an Pentecostal (sorry Jason, I checked and I had the wrong type of preacher) preacher doing tent shows and hell fire and brimstone before he became a standup. He was an avid drug user. Despite alcohol abuse, it was he who got killed by a drunk driver. God I miss him. I read somewhere recently that he was "the original south park republican." I think it is more accurate to say he was the original south park libertarian, but anyway.

His message (one of them anyway) was simple...stop feeling guilty for what you have.

As he put it in a bit about the homeless: I have a house...hell I bought two just to piss em off.

Or his solution to world hunger? Stop sending food to the desert...send them u-hauls so that they can move to were the food is.

I think it is something that I hear alot. People feel guilty about having things when there are people out there who don't have them (food, shelter, etc.). The reason this is ridiculous is because the fact that person A has food or shelter or you name it is not the reason that person B doesn't have that thing. If person A were to get rid of his house and move onto the street, person B wouldn't get the house. Too often we view the world as a zero sum game. The fact that some CEO is making 10 million dollars a year is not the reason someone else is making minimum wage (or doesn't have a job) and it is dangerous to make those kind of connections because it leads to a view of the world that is counterproductive. This is the view that causes politicians to favor wealth redistribution programs rather than pro-growth policies.

I digress, the point was...Kinison was a brilliant comic.

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