Monday, December 13, 2004



A ruling on the Hooters case via How Appealing. I think the limited supply of attractive women provides the relevant scarcity to provide premium returns for any establishment that can attract them. Let's be honest. If the girls who worked at Hooters were fat and had acne the trademark dress would not salvage the business. Basically they were attempting to get rid of a marketing tool for exploiting the attractiveness of the waitresses at competing restaurants. Since marketing is a form of presenting information and information allows for more informed choices, I might even venture that we should have an Antitrust law that requires waitresses to dress like that to keep customers well informed. Okay...maybe that is overkill, but clearly Hooters is feeling the pinch of competition and that is a good thing, but if they can find a way to attract better looking women than their competitors it would mean that it wouldn't even matter if they had the exact same outfits at competing establishments.

My two cents for the night

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