Thursday, December 02, 2004


California Angel

The Derailers playing California Angel is on right now. I just got my new XM radio with boombox. It is really cool and will make my evenings in the office much more entertaining. Not that doing company research and write-up isn't entertaining. Anyway, the song made me think of Sarah. I wonder if she ever thinks of me and if she does, does she ever do it without spitting?

She was just too unbearably cute and sexy...not exactly Emily, but since Emily hates my guts I tried to get Sarah to go out with me for years to no avail. Two of my favorite compliments I gave her that resulted in the rolling of eyes were as follows:

1. After getting a tatoo of angel wings between her shoulder blades and showing me she asked me what I thought. My response: They are very fitting. (Because she is an angel, in case you didn't get that).

2. She had glitter on her eyelids one day and when I crossed the store to talk to her I told her that at first I just thought it was the normal sparkle of her eyes.

How is it that she didn't fall for me after four years of effort? Hard to tell...could be she has standards. Anyway...

I don't have much to say (do I ever?), so I will just leave you with this much work anxiety must you be having if you have a dream that your boss calls you an alcoholic when you don't drink?

Night all.

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