Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Attention! New Blog Link on the left.

You may notice there is now a new link over on the left to A New York Escorts Confessions. I'm sure many of you will think that this link is the result of my intense research on how to get a woman to go out with me, but actually she saw my blog and emailed me. This marks the first occassion of a woman hearing what I have to say and actually chosing to speak to me without using profanities. Anyway, her blog is lots of fun so show her the love and check out her blog.

Hopefully I will have a chance to link to a few of my favorite entries this weekend while I am ON VACATION. Okay, maybe it isn't really a vacation...it is 3 days with my relatives for the Holidays. If there is no hot blonde in a bikini I refuse to think of it as a vacation. In any case, I plan to blog again before the holidays, but don't expect it to be too intense after tomorrow as that is when I hit the road for Wisconsin.

Speaking of which, can I just say that Jay is the coolest guy on the planet? He has actually offered to get up and take me to the train at 6:30 in the morning on his day off and I have to say that is impressive considering most people can't stomach being near me when they are wide awake. Anyway, I feel really lucky to have met Jay and Matt for that matter, who has apparently decided that in the holiday spirit (of Festivus) it might be time to lay a little Smackdown on my ass. (Please don't sue me for trademark infringement Mr. McMahon. If Stephanie would like to come talk the matter over with me and bring Stacy Keibler than we could debate the issue.) So anyway, I just thought that I should say that in the Holiday spirit and all.


I have been surveying blogs and found that Ms. Escort is found on many that you would not expect her to be linked to. That she emailed you is the way to building readers for her blog is interesting. Steve Lee
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