Wednesday, November 17, 2004


What to believe?

I ran to the bank before it closed and saw a cute blonde in line. I worked from home today so I didn't shave and wasn't looking my usually spiffy self and was also several places in line behind her so talking to her was out. I did overhear her tell the banker that she walked a couple of blocks to the bank and the banker seemed to know her. My first reaction on the way home from the bank was to look for businesses she could be working at so I could stop in and flirt spontaneously. I soon realized that would probably not be advisable, so my new plan is to go to the bank at the same time of day each Wed. for the next month on the theory that people tend to follow similar banking patterns and go when they receive a paycheck or tend to run out of cash from the previous paycheck at about the same rate. It's a liquidity theory of picking up women. My hope is that I will run into her and being better prepared and looking as good as I can look (which might not be saying much but it would still be better than today) I can attempt to get her phone number. My question is whether or not this alternate plan is actually any less creepy than the original? I think it is less creepy because it isn't searching for the same girl, it is optimizing my banking time to provide the potential for an encounter. God...just reading that line lets me know how disturbing I can be...

And Sarah hasn't responded to my latest email, but at least it is still active so maybe she is secretly falling in love with me...of course if I'm going to believe absurd notions like that I might as well believe Emily loves me and is going to break down and make me her love slave some day.

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