Friday, November 26, 2004


Vocalized Appreciation Day

Thanksgiving? I've been thinking about how sappy I was in my last post and have decided to remedy it by asking the question...who are we supposed to be giving "thanks" to? Religious people I suppose can give thanks to God, but of course religious people do that at every meal with Grace. Is thanksgiving not a legitimate holiday for aetheists or agnostics?

As an alternative, is the reason family and friends gather on Thanksgiving really to give thanks to each other for all of the enabling that they do over the year?

The more I think about it the less comfortable I am with the whole thing. I like the idea of being forced to vocalize what you appreciate, but I'm not sure I like the "giving thanks" aspect of the holiday. I hereby start today a trend to make it "Vocalized Appreciation for the things you don't normally talk about Day." I will have to work on a better name obviously.

vocalized appreciation for things u don't normally talk about day? that would be way too long...i mean hallmark would be pissed trying to make all of that fit all of that on a greeting card.

thanksgiving isn't necessarily a religious the pilgrims it was giving thanks for their harvest and for making new friends. spending a day with a friend isn't really all that bad of a thing is it? so what if it has the title thanksgiving? why is any holiday named the way it is? and is a paid day off from work really that bad?

btw what do u appreciate if hanging out with friends doesn't make the cut?
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