Monday, November 29, 2004


Two more failed attempts at a date

I had two very painful rejections today. The first was from the hot blonde babe down at my car dealership. I went in for my 3000 mile and made another attempt to make her swoon. It failed miserably. As I was going on about how charming I am she said she thought I was funny. I got very indignant at her claiming that me thinking I'm charming is a sign of a sense of humor and told her that just because she is beautiful does not give her the right to be that cruel and that in order to make it up to me she should take me out for coffee after she got off work. How could she say no to that? Apparently rather easily.

Then at the grocery store I saw another very attractive blonde in very professional attire with the pony tail thing going on...god I love that. I approached her and asked her if I could buy her a cup of coffee...she asked me what made me think we would have anything in common? I told her that we are just both so obviously attractive that we could always share that...we could even lament how we only get attention because of our unbelievably good looks. She looked at me for about half a second as if I were some alien creature and then she said she would never go out with some strange guy who approached her in the middle of the grocery store. I took a second and adjusted my grip on the bat as I took a second swing. I told her that I had intended to follow her around until we came to a suitable spot to meet another person and introduce myself, but I thought that would be really creepy. She shook her head and told me she wasn't interested and walked away rather quickly, glancing back over her shoulder and letting her pony tail bounce accordingly. It was not good.

Sometimes I wonder if I am literally the worst pick up artist in the world. You would think just once by accident I would hit on a girl who may be hot but also has low self esteem for whatever reason or is just maybe too stupid to know she can do better?

I'm in Indiana tomorrow so enough for now...need to prep for an interview. Night all.

Ok, if the girl says she thinks you're funny then you are funny. If she thinks you have three eyes then you have three eyes. If you're trying to get her to go out with you it's less about you and more about her. Flattery will get you everywhere and taking offense, even in jest, at something the prospective date is saying is gonna get you where it where. Good luck next time. Oh, and following a girl around in the grocery store is a likely to get you arrested as a date.
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