Wednesday, November 10, 2004



So I have to ask...where have all the cute blonde girls gone? Don't get me wrong, a sultry and sexy latina would do nicely at this point, but as most of you are aware, my proclivity for sweet little blonde angels dates back to the beginning of high school and my sweet Emily. I have to say Michigan hasn't struck me as being particularly good for the blondes...or the latinas for that matter. There is a blonde here or there who catches my eye (never of the caliber of Emily or Sarah, but what can you do?) but on the whole it hasn't proved fruitful. I will eventually move back to California in all likelihood, though I'm thinking I might try Cincinatti in a year or two first.

I'm having a few problems right now that are making me wince in pain both physical and emotional, but I'm hoping to put them behind me by Friday.

I would like to quote the concluding paragraph from an article in the Nov 6 issue of the Economist. I didn't see the article in the online edition or I would direct everyone to it. The brief editorial is about how "liberal" became a dirty word in both the U.S. and in Europe even though they mean the opposite things in those places and also goes into the classical liberal roots...they comment that the liberal tradition of economic and personal freedom has changed the world for the better and everyone should want to be associated with the term, not running from it.

"However, we are certainly not encouraging that [the left and the right try to claim the term as their own]. We do not want Republicans and Democrats, socialists and conservates all demanding to be recognised as liberals (even though they should want to be). That would be too confusing. Better to hand "liberal" back to its original owner. For the use of the right, we recommend the following insults: leftist, statist, collectivist, socialist. For the use of the left: conservative, neoconservative, far-right extremist and apologist for capitalism. That will free "liberal" to be used exclusively from now on in its proper sense, as we shall continue to use it regardless. All we need now is the political party."

Can I say Amen? It is quite a shame that Libertarians constantly have to put the word "classical" in front of the term "liberal" so that you don't confuse their ideas with the "leftists" (as if anyone would).

I wish I had something interesting to say today...alas it isn't coming.

It looks like I was wrong on one thing, Gonzales isn't going to the Supreme Court. He is going to be the new Attorney General. Of course the fact that he will be the first Hispanic to serve in this office won't mean a thing. The left will continue to assert that the Republicans are all a bunch of racists. He will be referred to as a token hispanic or some other nonsense.

My keyboard is acting up again so more later.

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