Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Self-Indulgence part 33

I really like my job. My professors all seemed to think I would get bored with it really quickly from what they had heard from former students, but I think those students were either dealing with a different aspect or they just don't find the real world interesting. I get to constantly learn about new industries and I get to ask questions about products from people who may actually have the answers. I even don't mind the driving (though that may change once snow hits the ground). The problem is when I have 8 hours in the car like I did today and I get Emily stuck on the mind. I think about her daily, don't get me wrong...but I can usually shuffle on to some other activity in some mediocre attempt to make my wallowing in self-pity a little less intense. Driving through Western Michigan and Northern Indiana for a four hour stretch with no decent radio to listen to (today on NPR I listened as they answered peoples questions about the confirmation process and what some of the selections mean for the future policies of a 2nd Bush administration...this would have been fascinating if there was actually any counterpoint and it wasn't just a bunch of people saying negative stuff about Bush while pretending they are being "fair and balanced.") Anyway...Driving through that period of time I sometimes get that feeling asking me what am I driving home too? I know I sound all discontented now, and I don't mean too. Like I said, I'm better off in life than I ever thought I would be. I'm making more now than I thought I would ever make. I'm doing a job that I actually like which is much more than I ever expected. Still, I want it all...that one missing piece, namely a cute little blonde girl, eludes me and sadly it won't let up.

Enough of my self-indulgent crap for the night.

Back to burying myself in my work.


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