Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Just getting back into things

I haven't posted in forever, but in my defense I have been working quite hard and when I'm not working I'm playing the new GTA game. I thought I should take a couple of moments to post though.

First a note of pride on my part. My favorite twins in the whole world got invited to an academic thing that let them debate Justice Kennedy and my Tiger as I like to refer to her decided to utilize the opportunity to quote Rand. I'm still waiting to find out when they will air the thing on C-Span, I just hope I didn't miss it.

Now for my two cents on the election. I hope this election will finally shut up all those cry babies from back in 2000 who went on and on about the popular vote and how that is what really matters. It is a nonsensical argument to begin with since the choice of voting rules effects the actual outcome so if we did have a system where the popular vote was the determinant it is extremely unlikely we would have had the same number of votes cast for each of the candidates. A perfect example is California where I know many Republicans just don't vote because the election gets called for the democrats literally the second that the polls close anyway so it is a waste of time. In any case, I hope this will finally put a rest to the idiocy that whatever happens with the popular vote matters and I can almost guarantee that this will put an end for at least the time being to calls from democrats to do away with the electoral college.

For those who think that a 2% margin of victory is really small, it's alot more than Gore beat Bush by in 2000 when everyone was up in arms about his winning the popular vote. We are talking about 3.5 million votes. All I keep hearing now is how Bush won by so little that he shouldn't take this as a sign that he has real support and I find that absolutely amazing considering that Clinton tried to get Nationalized Healthcare through without even getting 50% of the vote. Okay, time for me to digress.

As some of you may know...I am not a Republican. I'm technically a Libertarian. That being said, I have a suprising amount of sympathy for Bush. I think that he has often been unfairly maligned (as was Clinton) and I have become disenchanted with the Libertarian Party on some issues of foreign policy. I believe the war in Iraq was exactly the right course. I don't understand the alternate view. We should have gone back into Iraq and taken out Saddam the second he refused to live up to the agreement of surrender from the first Gulf War. The fact that we waited over a decade is a national travesty that has devastating consequences in the national arena. What kind of credible threat can you make to anyone when everyone knows that we won't do anything even to Saddam who so clearly failed to live up to his obligations either to the U.S. or for those of you who care, the U.N.? I've probably commented on this before, but I just don't understand the other side in this argument.

Despite my sympathy for Bush, I'm definitely concerned about what the next four years might entail. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I believe that if Kerry had lived up to half of his promises than we would be worse off under Kerry than we will be under Bush, but with the republicans picking up seats in the house and the senate I'm worried that even when the Republicans do the right thing and make hard choices, they will get all of the blame and when they do the wrong thing there won't be enough opposition to stop them.

I have to bring up the day before the election and my experience listening to NPR though. It was a bizarre day full of the most unabashed bias I have heard in quite some time. An interview with Rather on media bias and how "right wing" the major press is was particularly annoying since the interviewer never asked Rather about the 60 minutes story with forged documents. On this American Life they did all four acts about how evil or stupid republicans are. I'm seriously not exaggerating.

South Park is on and its about Walmart so i have to go...more tomorrow...


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