Friday, November 19, 2004


General Emily Depression followed by a joke

Well, it is Friday night at just past 9 in the evening and I am in the office working away. I am making alot of progress but the Emily bug struck me again as I was working away here and I did what I usually do...break down into a self loathing lump. I was thinking of checking out the social street scene in my new neighborhood because the weather is warmer than it has been in several weeks, but at this point I can state clearly this will not happen. Emily is out there somewhere glad to be rid of me I'm sure, but it only makes me wish I were so lucky. Sadly I can't get rid of myself, I'm stuck with me.

Tomorrow I am tutoring a guy in an MBA program for his econ class and possibly going to have a second viewing of Primer with a coworker. The odd thing is that this coworker and I go to movies together from time to time but we have very different taste in movies so one of us almost always comes out much less impressed than the other. He really loved Harold and Kumar go to White Castle while I was not moved in any particular direction. It was a good one time viewing but I'm not watching it again. The one exception to our diverging views was Team America which we both loved but I think for vastly different reasons.

So anyway, I think he was hoping to go out after the movie, but I have a feeling I'm going to be in one of my funks this weekend so the answer to that will be no. I will just lock myself away and pine for Emily before going to the coffee shop to try and prove I can live on by hitting on other women who I have no real interest in but who are attractive enough that I can at least superficially give them props but of course they will also reject me so it will all be rather pointless.

I'm thinking of the lines from an MTX song:

"you're saying if I play my cards right
and work hard each day
they just might make me an honourary human

I think someday may be optimistic for me...

So I don't leave everyone all depressed hopefully I haven't posted this one already but I heard a joke on NPR a couple of weeks ago that is brilliant:

Question: How many boring people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Answer: One

I'm sorry but that is downright hilarious and I cast a menacing glance in the general direction of anyone with the audacity to not smirk at that.


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