Wednesday, October 06, 2004


The VP Debate

I watched the Vice-Presidential Debate last night. The polls seem to indicate that Edwards won, but if that is the case I must be one of the most biased men in America because it seemed like a pretty clear win for Cheney to me. I honestly thought the debate was over and in his column when given 90 seconds to respond on the issue of a gay marriage amendment he thanked Edwards for his kind words about his familiy in like 5 seconds and ended it there. I think it gave him a tremendous amount of credibility. He was not going to argue on an issue that he simply doesn't agree with the president on. In stark contrast, Edwards has signed on to proposals by Kerry that he openly attacked during the primaries and has ardently defended some of these proposals. Edwards also repeatedly attacked Cheney on Halliburton. Cheney was right not to get mired down in the issue which is far more complicated than could be addressed in 30 seconds. Based upon what we know now (barring future revelations) Cheney has gotten a bad rap on this issue. NPR stated this morning that the comparison to Enron was off base. Cheney even directed viewers to go to to verify some of this information. Factcheck doesn't clear Cheney of all allegations, but it definitely paints a very different picture than what the democrats have been doing. This piece regarding an ad run by the DNC and statements on their website is particularly insightful. This piece addresses some of the claims by both candidates in the debate.

By the way...what was up with Edwards and the moderator when he used Kerry's name in response to a question that asked for no reference by name of the presidential candidate. It was clear to me that the intent of the question was not simply for Edwards to use the pronoun game and just start saying "we" and "him" but he responded as if it were a game. I think the question was flawed, but hell his fumbling with the issue was painful to watch. As was the candidates responses to the AIDS question which specifically attempted to exclude other countries and focus in on AIDS as it affects middle aged black women in the U.S. I do think Cheney was right to actually acknowledge that he was unaware that this was specifically a problem for middle aged black women in the U.S. as once again it allowed him to maintain his credibility despite repeated attacks my Edwards on it.

One of my favorite moments though was when Cheney commented on his own upbringing and took a subtle dig at Edwards saying that he [Cheney] doesn't talk about his upbringing as much as his counterpart but that it is very similar to Edwards upbringing.

I'm not going to claim that Edwards didn't do a decent job in the debate, but I think if we were listening on the radio instead of watching on TV that the results on who won would be different. People just don't like the way the Cheney looks. Maybe I'm wrong...anyway, I have a conference call to get on so I will type some more later.

Hey Josh, have Matt explain how black men "on the down-low" might be a cause of the rise in AIDS among black women.
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