Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Some news

1/4 working American families are in poverty? As Econopundit points out, this is a static view of the economy. 3/4 of those families move out of the category within 10 years.

Via geekpress, mathematicians help fight terror cells.

Via MR, this post is a fun look at the virtues of being viewed cold-hearted or "nasty." I need some reassurance that I'm not a total shmeghead. (I got Red Dwarf Season 3 on DVD in case anyone was wondering about the reference, though I'm not sure about the smelling).

For those who don't like to click on links, here is an excerpt:

"Thomas Schelling once described a similar idea this way: If you are kidnapped who do you want in charge of the negotiations, your loving wife or your nasty ex-wife? Easy, right? But suppose that the kidnappers know in advance who will be in charge of the negotiations - now who do you want? See? Sometimes, nasty people do good things."

Also via MR, though I should also give credit to one of the news stations that I saw interview the founder though I don't remember which one it was, there is this article on Wingwomen.com. Maybe I should move to NY?

I have to prep for an appointment...Bye

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