Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Random Update

After a cold streak lasting several days, I managed to get two interviews back to back for work. Woohoo.

A head's up, Matt over on the left (both meanings would apply) has revamped his blog. The new link is up and I'm still not entirely sure if I liked the old design better or the new one. I'm sure my ambivalence will keep him up nights.

In other news, my VA friends were sweet as hell and fearing I would get into a car accident speaking to them on my cell phone while driving sent me a hands free set so that I don't have to hold my phone to my ear. I'm particularly impressed because many of my liberal friends have recently been cursing me to hell and telling me that it wouldn't be entirely a bad thing if I were to go into a comma until after the election. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating...although one of my friends from CA did state that he doesn't wish me any harm but an unexplained comma with no lasting damage would be good until after the election. So I guess he wasn't really wishing me any harm...I think...

Peace Out...

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