Thursday, October 21, 2004


Me being weird...aka normal for me.

I don't know why, but I find this story interesting.

Judge Voids Will that promised curse.

In other news, I am officeless for several weeks beginning tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure how this will effect me yet, but I am hoping all goes smoothly. They are renovating and so I will working from home for several weeks, though I have a heavily booked calendar for the next two weeks so it shouldn't have too great of an impact.

In other news...I'm trying to figure out which RHPS to go see this halloween. On the 1st I have to be in Cincinatti so I might make a weekend of it. I have also thought about flying back to Boston and doing the Harvard Square RHPS. The girl who played Janette when I was there last was smoking hot. I will keep readers informed. I will also be doing some movie reviews probably as this time of year is big for me. I am really into horror movies. Movies in general, but horror movies hold a particular fascination with me since when a comedy is bad, it is just bad, but when a horror movie is bad it becomes comical. I'm going to my second viewing of Team America: World Police tonight, which I really do mean to comment on soon. I also saw Shaun of the Dead which I mean to comment on. And The Forgotten, which I mean to comment on (though not as favorably). Anyway, I have to finish cleaning up some stuff before I leave my work area behind. There is a weird feeling, almost like school ending for the summer around. I won't see anyone for at least a month, maybe longer. My distractions from the thoughts of my sweet Emily will be minimized. Hopefully I can numb myself with the new Grand Theft Auto coming out next week. If not, you will all hear about it.

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