Friday, October 08, 2004


I'm evil...get used to it.

Question of the day:

Why do statements like "Other people's problems do not impose an affirmative obligation on me" make everyone think that I'm somehow cruel and uncaring?

No really. I care about maximizing the benefits to society, the utility if you will, but that may mean some people are going to get smacked down by the invisible hand. And you know what...they should be smacked down. If I am selfish in my above statement, they are no less selfish in expecting that they should get something just because they exist. What if someone else can't hack it and may die? As one of my professors used to say "then let them die and decrease the surplus population." (He was British, what can I say...he liked Dickens writing if not his message).

Here is Kerry (The blogger and all around fun girl, not the politician) making a statement along the same lines.

Subject for a later post: Why is it I increasingly find myself agreeing with the people who are supposedly the "villians" in movies?

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